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We are experts at installing the UKs most popular EV Charger, the myenergi zappi, which enables you to charge from Solar, or the grid or both.

Using your own power generation increases the Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car. And means that you can charge your EV at home for free! zappi is easy to install and user friendly.

Spence Elec will work with you all the way through the process. We will advise you on which systems would be the best option for your needs.

We then install your New Electric Vehicle Charger, Solar Panels, Battery Storage or all 3 to the Manufacturers Specifications and can provide maintenance should you have any issues at any time.

To find out why we chose to Partner with myenergi, read below:

Prioritise how your energy is used to suit your lifestyle

Whilst the zappi ev charger and eddi are eco smart and make intelligent decisions based on carbon, cost and convenience, you can still choose how to best maximise your energy usage and override the system as you need to.

Saving energy and saving costs are important, but if you can’t fast charge your car or have a lukewarm shower it can soon become an inconvenience and deter you from letting technology decide.

That’s why you can manually override the system yourself and ensure that whatever your energy needs and whenever it occurs – you won’t be left behind.

Built for convenience. Not compromise.

Pause, stop and start your myenergi devices to meet your needs and your lifestyle using the myenergi app.

Installation made easy.

Book a zappi home EV charger installation in a few simple steps! Explore our full range of eco-smart battery storage and solar solutions designed to help you achieve energy independence.

Book an installationFind an installer.

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