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Maximise Your Energy Cost Savings with Puredrive Battery Storage!

Maximise Your Energy Cost Savings with Puredrive!

We are proud to have Certified as Puredrive Certified Installers, Puredrive are a leading UK based Energy Storage Company, we chose Puredrive not least because they will save you money. But also because of the following benefits:

Hassle Free Management

Automate how and when to charge, store and consume your energy.

Integrate with ALL available UK time-of- use tariffs.

Cheapest Cleanest EV Charging

Charge your car from the grid, battery, or solar.

Automate the cheapest and or greenest charge for your car

We also chose to partner with Puredrive because of their Market Leading Batteries, the highlights of these are below:

Best Battery

As compared on comparison sites including Solar Guide.

Future Proofed

With the longest battery life and fastest charge rates you are future proofed to maximise your ROI. Modular and simple to

Designed and Developed in the UK

Puredrive has a dedicated team in the UK with nearly 100 staff, providing leading R&D, technical and customer support.

Hassle Free Automated Cost Savings

The PURASystemTM is managed by a smart APP which automatically maximises your energy cost savings by integrating time-of-use tariffs, solar, battery storage and EV charger.

Technology You Can Trust and Enjoy

Designed for elegance and performance by their in-house R&D team. Providing you with the highest value possible.

Choice, Flexibility and Freedom

Install inside or outside your home and easily expand capacity when you choose, to gain more energy independence.

Give Spence Elec a call on 01255 886442 to find out how we can help with all your Solar, EV and Battery Storage Needs!]

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